Review: adidas Kobe Bryant KB8 III

You know how sometimes, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle?  Well, that’s pretty much what you can make of the Adidas KB III, the third installment of Kobe’s first wave of signature sneakers.

It seems that not that much detail is known about this particular pair from Kobe’s first Adidas series.  When I try to think back even in my own collective memory, I do not recall distinct promotion or hype for the kicks as well.  Regardless, the overall evaluation of the shoes by people who actually gave them a good tour on the hardwood is that performance wise, the KB8 III did not fail to impress.

While the exterior appearance is a noticeable departure from I and II, they all share the greatly missed Feet You Wear technology.  Like the II, the III used adiPRENE as well to provide instant adaptability from foot to sneaker.  There is also an interesting midsole with breaks along the side and what appears to be a pattern that resembles a basketball’s look and shape.  The lower heel base looks a bit thick, but sturdy and was meant to provide firm stability.


The tongue, collar, heel counter, and interior of the upper were all composed of a soft fabric material, with mesh on the inside of the tongue.  Adidas also shaped the three stripes on the side panel that represent their logo to look almost like katana blades giving the shoe a more flashy, slasher vibe and look.

On the outsole, we see an intricate and almost hectic looking pattern clearly intended to provide its users with reliable traction.  For the most part, the shoe has a much simpler design that I and II and even looks as if it has served as the template for most Adidas basketball shoes that have been release since this one’s inception.

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