Review: Nike Zoom LeBron VI


To date, I think the Nike Zoom LeBron VI is the most sensible sneaker that Nike has created for King James.  Through the intuitive design and direction of Ken Link, I’d have to say that Team LeBron ended up creating a damn beautiful sneaker.  That eye candy element however, was not intended solely for the purpose of enticing glances on the hardwood, but also for the everyday passing encounters on the street.

Understanding that the basketball sneaker culture had not seen as much success off the court as it did during Michael Jordan’s playing days, LeBron wanted to take after his Airness and take a legitimate shot at breaking the barrier between basketball and urban fashion.  While on the surface, the LeBron VI appears to have a simple and clean design, there are a few intricate details such as the triple stitching pattern on the midsole and the tiny crowns engulfing the heel that serve as subtle visual seductions.  LeBron has always shown a propensity to indulge in the finer things in life with high fashion being no exception which is why I was a bit surprised that the Six didn’t get more pub than it did.

Posing for the bright lights of Madison Square.

While the King’s ambitious attempt to cross basketball and urban fashion may have fallen short of total success, the most important part, court performance, was thoroughly executed by Ken Link’s team.  Link went way back to the Nike Air Force I High and decided to implement cup sole technology, a departure from the three preceding sneakers which used a foot-bucket.  The Six also features dual stacked Zoom airbags in the heel providing gaudy comfort and cushioning, a carbon fiber wrap around the heel to guard against slippage and excess movement, and a fitted foot sleeve as with the previous kicks in the signature line.  Overall, Link aimed to maximize comfort without suffocating the foot, which he feels was achieved in saying that the Six was, “the most comfortable LeBron we’ve ever done”.

I commend LeBron’s effort in trying to infuse his sneaker into the realm of street fashion.  Unfortunately, the era of wearing basketball sneakers as your daily kicks has all but receded into history for the most part.  That’s simply just not the generally preferred style any longer, but like I said, this is a damn beautiful shoe.

Don’t leave without watching the hilarious promo for the Six with King James and Nicole Scherzinger!

[Original Release: 2008; Weight: 16.8 oz.; Players: LeBron James]

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