Nike Zoom LeBron V | LeBron James | Review

The Nike Zoom LeBron V is what you could call a hybrid.  The Zoom IVs were composed of Nike’s Foamposite technology, but the Vs went one step further and used Phyposite material (Phylon and Foamposite).  The inner of the shoe actually has a Phyposite endoskeleton structure that can actually be felt if you put your hand inside the sneaker and just feel around for it.  The special material was used for the purpose of shedding weight and providing both flexibility and a lockdown fit for King James and any wearer of the shoe.  The Phyposite foot bucket also eliminates any slippage or excess movement of the foot during play allowing players to move around without any doubt.

The upper is pretty simple and clean cut.  We can see a patent leather toecap, generously wide eyelets for easy lace adjustments, and a thick wide strap for added security.  The most interesting visual element of the sneaker could even be the outsole.  Noticeably indented grooves were cut into various parts of the full rubber outsole to provide maximum flexibility with no loss of traction.  There are also two pods around which the grooves are cut with a map of King James’ hometown, Akron actually imprinted into the heel pod.  These kicks are obviously also equipped with Zoom air bags in the midsole, which further enhance cushioning and support.

Hulk smash!

Now while the weight of the shoe rests at approximately 18.8 ounces and may not be considered to be all that light, it is one of LeBron’s lighter signature kicks, which only aids to the goal Nike set for the Vs in creating a shoe that considered the needs of not only LBJ, but any baller that would want to give the sneakers a run.  The lighter weight contributes to an overall better performance of the shoe on the court.  The aforementioned Phyposite bucket also enhances the response time of the shoe, especially during hard cuts or quick changes of direction.  With adequate breathability as well, the Zoom LeBron V were definitely a step up for the King’s signature sneaker line.

Check out the sick commercial Nike put out for the Zoom LeBron V below!

[Original Release: 2007; Weight: 18.9 oz.; Players: LeBron James]


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