Enter Nike’s Kobe Bryant/Aston Martin Sweepstakes!!!

Nike’s Kobe Bryant/Aston Martin sweepstakes officially begins today and all you need to do is send a quick email to (*correction) to enter!  You will need to provide your “First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, e-mail address, city and state of residence, and date of birth” to officially make yourself eligible to win.  However, DON’T FORGET TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS as it is important for you to understand how this thing is going to work.  Plus, don’t you want to know what the prizes are?  One of the prizes is a (*correction) chance to buy the Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Aston Martin’ edition kicks for only $300!  Click here to read all the goodies!

[phpbay]Nike Aston Martin pack, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]


[phpbay]Nike Hyperdunk Aston Martin, 3, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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