Review: adidas TS Supernatural Commander

adidas TS Supernatural Commander Dwight Howard PE

I must say, adidas’ overall strategy with the TS Supernatural line is exactly what they’ve been in need of to compete with their biggest rival, Nike.  To create two separate sets of kicks that virtually share the same technology is a bold move in and of itself, but by most accounts, it seems as though this clever and risky maneuver may be what keeps adidas competitive in the market of high performance basketball shoes.

A few weeks ago, I covered the TS Supernatural Creator, which was built to cater mostly to the needs of players who play with a quicker, more agile pace such as Derrick Rose.  That shoe’s counterpart, the TS Supernatural Commander was developed for the big boys who live down in the treacherous paint.  All-Star big men like Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan command life in the lane, making things difficult for the faint of heart.

Kevin Garnett PE

From a technological standpoint, the Commander shares adidas’ newly founded Pure Motion pods system with the Creator, which again, is a modernized version of Feet You Wear technology that was intended to closely mimic the natural bends and movements of our feet while providing top-notch stability and cushioning.  Designer Robbie Fuller even went so far as to implement additional cushioning with this shoe at the expense of keeping it at a lighter weight, so that it responds appropriately to a big man’s game.  Going even further, the TS Commander was given an extended Torsion arch system that stretches to the forefoot to eliminate as much excess movement on the footbed as possible and features adiPRENE+ for enhanced response as well.

D12 destroying the rim as usual.

If you notice, the Commander also contrasts the Creator with a very different lacing system enclosure.  Rather than having a complete shroud, Fuller utilized a three-strap wrapping system for this shoe.  However, don’t think that this is just any run of the mill strap setup because there are two independent “hook and loop” positions that allow each wearer the luxury of customizing how the sneaker fits to their own foot.  I’ve got to admit that this is probably the most tasteful way I’ve ever seen adidas represent their three-stripe logo on a basketball shoe as it combines both an aesthetic appeal with premium functionality.  A few final elements to notice is the high ankle collar and the heel “fat pad” cushion system that is more centered on the Commander to accommodate the post-up game of a big.

As you can see, the TS Supernatural Commander and Creator’s only real similarity is the Pure Motion pods technology, which isn’t even purely identical at that.  These kicks are undoubtedly geared towards a forward or center’s style of play.  If you’re a bigger player who likes to live in on the blocks and bang bodies around, you will certainly want to give the Commander a good hard look.

Watch how high Dwight Howard gets while wearing the TS Supernatural Commander kicks before you bounce!  No pun intended.

[Original Release: 2010; Weight: 16.0 oz.; Price: $90; Players: Dwight Howard / Tim Duncan / Kevin Garnett / Josh Smith / Michael Beasley / Brook Lopez / Robin Lopez]

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