Review: Nike Sweet Classic

Nike Sweet Classic White/Red

These days, I’ve noticed that more than ever, that I’ve become a voyeur of sorts.  No, no, not that kind.  I’ve developed visual ADD so to speak, as my eyes have been constantly wandering along the ground, scoping people’s feet to see what pair of kicks everyone chooses to wear on the daily.

Yeah, you could call it an obsessive activity to engage, but give it a try.  Just the other day, while waiting in line at Whole Foods, I noticed a lady wearing a well-kept pair of Air Jordan XI ‘Space Jam’ kicks.  When she caught my admiring gaze, she simply said, “You like them don’t you?”  I’m sure that my eyes were not the first she had arrested throughout the day.

One shoe in particular that I’ve detected many people wearing nowadays while out and about is the Nike Sweet Classic.  Sold in both Men’s and Women’s editions, these kicks are constructed with either leather (perforated or solid) or canvas uppers and come in high-top or low-top versions as well.  With a decent array of colorways, wearers seem to particularly gravitate towards the low-tops and I have my suspicion as to why.

When I tried on both the high and low cuts, I immediately preferred the lower one.  Now, I’m not saying that this would be an issue for everyone, but for those of us whose ankles are a bit thicker and stronger (or so I like to think), the higher collar may rub against the skin while walking about.  As I’m sure we all have, I’ve dealt with my fair share of sneaker wounds, especially when the heel collar causes hefty irritation or even rubs skin off of my achilles’ region.  Regardless of material, I generally avoid high-top shoes and opt for mids or lows.

More my fit.

Aside from the rubbing issue that I myself have with the high-top version, the Sweet Classic itself is actually rather comfortable once you slip them onto your foot.  With that said however, I have to disclose one other warning.  If you have wider than normal feet like I do, these may not be for you.  The footbed was slightly narrow for me, but cushioning and support felt pretty good.  I’m sure that if I broke these in, I’d be just fine, but I’m honestly past that point of tolerating any sort of discomfort, however big or small, just to rock some fresh kicks.

The Nike Sweet Classic may not be for me, but that does not mean you won’t dig them.  I’ve personally asked some of my friends that I’ve seen wearing these sneakers what they thought and the overall consensus seems to be that the shoe is comfortable and holds up well even with daily wear and tear.  It also doesn’t hurt that the black and white colorway basically matches with any outfit you can design for your awesome self.

So, like I said, if your feet are of the wider variety, you’d probably at least want to try these kicks on, but if you don’t have that issue, this shoe can serve you well as your dailies, especially if you’re looking to change it up a bit, perhaps take a vacation from your worn-down Chucks.  At just $60 retail, you won’t be breaking the bank either.

[Weight: 15.5 oz.; Price: $60]

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