A Legend on Kicks: Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Editions

Converse Chuck Taylor 'Jimi Hendrix'

Known for his revolutionary style on the guitar and rumored to have performed with acid tabs under his bandana, Jimi Hendrix was definitely an incredibly talented artist and daring human being.  To pay tribute to the music legend, Converse will release a special collection of Chucks dedicated to him.

Coming in three individually distinct pairs, each has its own unique flavor to it.  The pair pictured above has the album artwork from Hendrix’s second album, Axis: Bold as Love, superimposed throughout the entire upper.

The second pair pictured below pays tribute to the royalty style jackets that he often wore.

The final pair is a portrait of sorts that has a spray paint finish quality to it.

The ‘Jimi Hendrix’ line of Chucks will be dropping by way of Converse’s Fall 2010 release schedule.

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Converse Chuck Taylor 'Jimi Hendrix'
Converse Chuck Taylor 'Jimi Hendrix'

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