Come Skate in My Shoe: Nike SB Zoom P-Rod 2.5

Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 Black/Metallic Gold

Usually, laying low amongst the crowd and having a quiet demeanor sparks interest and wonder in the eyes of many beholders.  Sometimes, inside of that seemingly shy and reserved individual, lies what I would simply call…a beast.

Growing up in Chatsworth, CA, a suburban region just north of Los Angeles, Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez began what has now become an on-going 14-year skateboarding odyssey.  Not relying on or laying claim to the fame of his father, comedian Paul Rodriguez in any way, shape, or form, P-Rod really started mowing down the competition during the 2000’s.

Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 'Lakers'

While his list of accolades and accomplishments in the skate world goes on for days, Paul’s most nationally recognized competitive moment probably came in the form of back-t0-back gold medals at the X Games in 2004 and 2005.

In 2004, P-Rod reached the pinnacle of success as far as expanding his brand globally and taking himself to amazing new heights by signing on with Nike, becoming the first skateboard athlete and Mexican-American to be endorsed exclusively by the company.

Since P-Rod’s inception, Nike SB has really taken off and asserted itself into the skateboard market, especially with the subsequent signings of additional superstars such as Eric Koston and Stefan Janoski.  In 2005, the Nike SB P-Rod signature line was given life.

Let's skate. Simple as that.

My favorite pair of kicks from the line has to be the Nike SB Zoom P-Rod 2.5.  While the overall silhouette resembles that of the Nike Dunk Low SB, if you look closely, you can see that it’s a masterfully crafted shoe composed of various materials and multiple panels held together by high quality double stitching.  Most of the upper is suede with mesh fabric outfitting the inner lining, tongue and ankle collar.  The Swoosh logo is leather as well as the panel at the top of the heel counter that has a NIKE SB insignia (also on tongue) stitched onto it.  Lastly, we can’t forget the Zoom air technology and vulcanized sole that the SB Zoom P-Rod 2.5 is decked out in.

Whether you want to tear up the ramps or catch glances on the street, the 2.5’s were made to do damage either way.

At a mere 26 years old, P-Rod’s skateboarding journey is clearly far from over and with a strong work ethic, faith and Nike behind him all the way, there’s no telling how far up the skating summit he will climb before it’s all said and done.

Be sure to check out a day in the life of P-Rod below!
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