Meet Clae Jones Black

Clae Jones Black

It’s really interesting to see the various directions that footwear fashion is moving in as we venture deeper into this millennium. There seems to be a growing inclination towards fusion whether it’s in the fashion industry or cuisine.  The new Clae Jones Black infuses the elegance of a premium leather boot with the comforts of today’s casual sneakers.

The black leather upper is accented with a brown inner lining and green cord laces.  All of this sits atop a cup sole doused in off-white with a single line of stitching running through the rear 2/3.  I realize that at first glance, it may appear that this Jones model has a vulcanized sole, but just to provide a little insight, vulcanized soles are glued onto uppers and are generally lighter, providing more flexibility for wearers while cup soles are stitched on and more rigid with the intention of providing firmer stability.

You can grab a pair of these right from the Clae online store for $140 a pop.  Also check out other Clae kicks through the banners below.

Clae Jones Black


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