First Look: Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro ‘Street Fighter’ Ryu

Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro 'Street Fighter' Ryu

Anybody in their 20’s or 30’s who has ever played video games has, at one point or another, played Street Fighter II.  We all know that many thumbs have grown blisters from hours of heated tournaments and battles within various circles of friends.  Making a play on this Hall of Fame video game, Nike will soon release an SB Dunk Mid Pro ‘Street Fighter’ Ryu colorway to complete the Street Fighter Pack.

With a thick, sturdy upper, this colorway rocks out in a combination of suede and canvas.  What’s really sick about this shoe is that it’s completely built in Ryu’s image.  The canvas midfoot and toe box were crafted to mimic Ryu’s ki while the vintage canvas red Swoosh is meant to pay tribute to his headband.  The black suede heel panel is dedicated to his black belt as well.  There are additional red accents seen on the outsole, laces (optional) and single-line stitching that runs along the white midsole.  The forefoot features a suede panel to finish things off.

The Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro ‘Street Fighter’ Ryu colorway is slated for a Fall 2010 release, which means, soon, soon, soon.  Once they drop, we will definitely get the word out on these bad boys.  Now the only question is, are you more partial to Hadouken or Shoryuken?

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Nike SB Dunk Pro Mid 'Street Fighter' Ryu

Nike SB Dunk Pro Mid 'Street Fighter' Ryu

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