Nike Air Max LeBron VIII in his New Miami Colors

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII

One of the most underrated aspects of sports is that, regardless of whatever controversy and scandal that a single athlete, coach, or collective team can cause, with time, all things are essentially brushed under the rug.  Obviously, serious offenses are never forgotten, but as we’ve seen with many athletes, business moves forth with or without them.

LeBron James has evaded scandal, but he was mired in controversy this past summer with the backlash stemming from “The Decision” and his overall ill-perceived attitude towards free agency.  However, even with all the drama that ensued after he so eloquently let the entire world know that he was heading towards South Beach, basketball never stopped nor did production of his kicks.  We can all say what we want, but the fact remains that LBJ is one of the world’s most marketable individuals on this planet, let alone amongst athletes.  His reach and influence stretches around the globe as does Nike’s so needless to say, the union keeps moving ahead.

In a sense, it really is amazing to think that we’ve reached LeBron’s eighth signature shoe.  Even the man whose talent is seemingly boundless cannot dunk over Father Time.  However, he does have lead designer Jason Petrie on his side.  Petrie has contrived a pair of sneakers that come stacked with a 360 Air Max bag, intricately fortified flywire construction and housing, an outsole that combines flex grooves with a herringbone pattern, high-quality crafted leather and of course, a badass looking lion that symbolizes the beast “on the hunt” within LBJ.

With the 2010-2011 NBA season less than a month away, the pressure to win a ring has never been greater for LeBron James.  While he may be on the team that Dwyane Wade turned into a champion in 2006, there is no question that at some point, the Miami Heat will become his team.  His superior athleticism, talent and bravado on the court is of the kind that we’ve never seen before and you’ve gotta admit, by joining Wade and Bosh in Miami, LBJ just made this upcoming season a whole lot more interesting and exciting.

We will just have to wait and see whether the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII will be the shoes that he wins his first ring in.  Stay tuned for a full review of the VIII’s once they drop soon.  For a first-hand preview from Jason Petire, check the video below as well!

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