Silver Anniversary Air Jordan 2010 Final Colorway

Air Jordan 2010 'Silver Anniversary'

It’s almost funny how Jordan Brand operates sometimes in terms of creating hype and building it about as much as possible without really having to put in much work at all.  We see the most attention for big-time releases awarded to special Retro pairs of Jordans, but very little buildup for the brand’s superstar faces such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and even the more recent recruit, Dwyane Wade.  We saw Wade rocking the Air Jordan 2010 ‘Silver Anniversary’ colorway seen above, last February at the NBA All-Star game in which he ended up as MVP of the night.

Then nine months later, almost out of the sky, the kicks are dropped just like that.

Whatever the reasoning is behind Jordan Brand’s mysterious marketing strategy, the final colorway of the Air Jordan 2010 series features a pair decked out in a metallic silver upper.  There are splashes of white on the tongue, midsole and eyestay, which all provide a nice contrast to the shine of metallic silver that also paints much of the midsole and inner lining as well.  And yes, my favorite, the clear icy blue outsole is the finisher without a doubt.  Overall, the build is very clean and aesthetically, there’s not much to really nitpick about this colorway.

Being that this ‘Silver Anniversary’ edition is the final release of the Air Jordan 2010, what pair of sneakers will Dwyane Wade be lacing up next?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m really interested to see how Jordan Brand will market Wade’s own signature collection because let’s face it, it can’t be that far away.  We’ve seen Melo commercials from time to time, but not much for Chris Paul as of late and let’s face it, Jordan Brand has not worked that hard for them.  A signature line for D Wade in the Jordan family is sure to receive a lot of attention and hype so I just wonder how that will make the two other superstars feel.

But hey, the bottom line is, Wade has the coveted ring, albeit one, while the other two guys are still chasing their first. Be sure to check out the full review for these kicks!
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Air Jordan 2010 'Silver Anniversary'
All-Star MVP

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