Nike Zoom Kobe VI NIKEiD Customization Heaven

Nike Zoom Kobe VI NIKEiD

The other day we covered the specs for the highly anticipated Nike Zoom Kobe VI.  These kicks won’t be out for another few weeks, but one thing that all of us can really look forward to is what may quite possibly be the most in-depth and elaborate NIKEiD package of options we’ve ever seen for Kobe’s kicks.  The color palette has grown to include much more vibrant and exotic colors than just the usual, somewhat limited selection that we’ve seen in the past for the Nike Zoom Kobe IV and Kobe V.  What will catch everyone off-guard though is the option to customize your very own pair for the hardwood on indoor courts or the rough surface of outdoor blacktops.  If you go check out the NIKEiD Facebook page, you’ll be able to preview the application and remember, you can start playing mad scientist for real starting December 24, 2010.
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Nike Zoom Kobe VI NIKEiD
Nike Zoom Kobe VI NIKEiD
Nike Zoom Kobe VI NIKEiD

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