Favorite Kicks by 2010 Year in Review

Nike Zoom Kobe V '5 Rings'

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but each year seems to be flying by at a much more fervent pace, without mercy.  2010 was no different.  If anything, it really seemed like the fastest year I’ve ever experienced.  It’s still amazing to me that since launching back in March, we’ve grown to over 3000 fans on Facebook and counting.  But of course, that’s a credit to all you awesome sneakerheads out there!

Overall, 2010 was an eventful year.  As far as kicks are concerned, we’re really starting to see some very exciting things being done by juggernauts such as Nike while little brothers adidas and Reebok try to keep pace.  Do they have anything to be worried about now that Under Armour is flexing its muscles in more arenas of sports?  Kobe Bryant is certainly not worried even heading into the new year because he dominated the basketball shoe landscape with an unprecedented array of colorways and themes laid out for the Nike Zoom Kobe V.

Perhaps 2010 is forgettable year for LeBron James if he wants to fill his mind with only happy thoughts. Beginning with his questionable performance against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs to his decision to air his free agency dash to Miami on a TV special called…”The Decision”…the year couldn’t have passed by any faster. It surely couldn’t have felt good to take shots from someone of Michael Jordan’s stature as well, but that’s pretty much what happened for Bron too.

Speaking of MJ though, will his impact ever be absent from the kicks universe? Judging by Jordan Brand’s December, I would say simply, NOPE. If there’s ever an embodiment of finishing strong, Jordan Brand knows how to get it done year in and year out. Jordan Holidays was a very special and exciting time for those of us who dream of patent leather and Foamposite treats.

I really just wanted to take some time and thank all of you for allowing Kicksologists to grow bigger and bigger each day and I sincerely wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2011! Let’s revisit some of my favorite posts from 2010!

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