David Beckham adidas Originals Collection Fall Winter Campaign


Anytime you’ve got David Beckham as one of your cornerstone athletes, it’s probably hard to do too much wrong, if any at all.  That’s precisely what adidas has and they’ve also got UNDFTD founder James Bond running the show for their adidas Originals by David Beckham collection.  Bottom line, it’s worked beautifully thus far and there are no signs that the campaign will slow down.  If anything, they are gearing up to take things to greater heights.

The video above gives us an elegantly crafted look ahead into the Fall/Winter collection.  I’m an absolute sucker for a slow-tempo, progressive piano melody and creative cinematography.  This clip has both and it doesn’t force you to notice any of the apparel or kicks, but rather, weaves them into the ebb and flow of the main character’s two-minute journey through the urban jungle.  To put it simply, just take a look and enjoy.
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adidas originals david beckham and james bond
David Beckham and James Bond

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