Kevin Durant Lights Up Rucker Park With 66 Point Frenzy

What scoring 66 looks like

When the NBA instituted its one-year college basketball rule in 2006, players such as Kevin Durant were essentially forced to join a top-tier NCAA basketball program to keep their stock high and live up to the hype.  To say that KD merely proved his talent is an offensive understatement.  He not only garnered the National College Player of the Year and Big 12 Player of the Year awards after his monster freshman season at Texas, he also went No. 2 in the 2007 NBA Draft and since then, he became the youngest player ever to win the NBA’s scoring title in 2009-2010, repeated the feat in 2010-2011 and led his Oklahoma City Thunder to the Western Conference Finals just three months ago.

Bottom line, the man can ball…scary, scary good.

From an effortless sweet jumper every which way you want it to his penchant for being an unselfish and humble athlete, Durant has solidified his spot as the NBA’s next feature player.  The era of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James must pass the torch soon enough, but that’s assuming players like KD don’t snatch it from them first.

Given the NBA lockout, Durant took the opportunity to take a trip to New York City’s legendary Rucker Park where street ballers and NBA players have carved out their own mystical notoriety.  Want to know how KD fared?  How about 66 points?  Is that good enough for ya? I’d say he did a pretty good job plugging the Nike Zoom KD III if anything!

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