Premium Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Volt Eye Grabber

nike air max 90 hyperfuse premium volt
Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Premium Volt

A little while ago, we saw the Nike Air Max 90 Medium Grey High Voltage hit the streets ready to do some damage.  Well, the hits of volt green are pretty subtle on those kicks.  If you want to talk about standing out in a crowd and grabbing glances from 98% of the eyes around you, I’d say it’s a safe bet that you really don’t have to look any further than the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Premium ‘Volt.’

As far as design elements, outside of the fact that it comes built in Nike’s viral Hyperfuse material, there’s really not much more to this colorway than a lifetime’s worth of volt, volt, volt.  These make you wonder how it might change a tennis match if a player was to drape his or her feet in such an ostentatious color.  Confuse the opponent much?

You can pick up a pair of these Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Premium ‘Volt’ now if you don’t mind potentially causing a few fender-benders on whatever street you’re walking down.  Just kidding!  Kind of.  Maybe not.

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