Top 10 Kobe Bryant Sneaker Performances

Raptors at Lakers (2006)

Normally, it’s never easy to pick a #1 when it comes to compiling a list of Top 10 this or Top 10 that. Luckily for us, Kobe made it very simple in 2006 when he did what no one ever thought was even feasible in the modern-day NBA. That is, to even come close to Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point single-game scoring record. And do bear in mind that unlike Wilt, Kobe is a shooting guard, meaning that he takes a lot more perimeter shots and plays further from the basket.

Obviously, Wilt’s 100 will always be regarded as the best of the best, but if you really think about it, the Mamba’s 81 points that came against the Raptors when he wasn’t feeling particularly healthy before the game, is right up there with the Big Dipper. You’ve also got to consider the fact that the Lakers were losing by double-digits for most of the game and the team needed Kobe’s superhuman onslaught to win the game. There’s really no way to know, but you’ve got wonder if the Nike Zoom Kobe I really convinced the Mamba that he was going to stay with Nike for the rest of his career. 81 points people! 81! And yes, this deserves a two YouTube clips!

Part I
Part II

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