Top 10 Kobe Bryant Sneaker Performances

Lakers at Celtics (2007)


Kobe is pretty much the only player in today’s NBA to have truly proven that he plays some of his best basketball when he’s upset, angry, pissed off, has a chip on his shoulder and what have you. Coming off of a one-game suspension for catching Manu Ginobili in the face with his arm during a jump shot, the Mamba stepped onto the Boston Celtics’ home court with his Nike Zoom Kobe II laced up tight back in 2007, ready to unleash a game’s worth of pent-up aggression.

Four quarters and 43 points later (seven three-pointers), Kobe left TD Banknorth Garden after hearing chants of “MVP, MVP, MVP,” especially following a monster drive-and-dunk along the baseline.  As things currently stand though, we probably have a better chance of the world actually ending in 2012 than we do of ever hearing that kind of ovation for Kobe in Boston ever again.

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