Top 10 Kobe Bryant Sneaker Performances

2000 NBA Finals Game 4 (Lakers at Pacers)


Turning 21 is regarded as quite possibly the most significant turning point, age-wise, in the U.S.  While so many of us took that time to indulge in all of the pleasantries that come with being that age, Kobe was playing in his very first NBA Finals and living out a life-long dream. With Shaq fouling out in overtime, the Mamba still nursing a badly sprained ankle from Game 2 and a 3-1 series lead at stake, the stage could not have been set any better.

The weapon of choice, The KOBE by adidas (aka The Crazy), gave Kobe all the support he needed with his bum ankle as he rewrote his playoff legacy, more than making up for the gut-wrenching blunders that he experienced as a rookie against the Utah Jazz. You kind of have to feel for Reggie Miller though, going from MJ to Kobe with the results all too painfully similar.

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