Top 10 Kobe Bryant Sneaker Performances

Trail Blazers at Lakers (2007)


As I said earlier, we all know what Kobe can do with a basketball in his hands during an NBA game. Scoring buckets is his primary specialty and what made this game against the Blazers so crazy was that he carried his team to overtime and victory with the will of his own two feet, which were rocking the Nike Zoom Kobe II. With not much help from his team on that night, the Mamba showed off his unparalleled footwork, slicing up the Portland defense with jumper after jumper.

The one signature shot from this contest is quite possibly the most ridiculous shots that he’s ever made, ridding himself of Brandon Roy in the corner, pivoting left, then spinning back right and launching a perfect-form, fadeaway trey.  Can anyone else in the league pull this off?  Please, find him if there is one.

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