Kobe Bryant Surprises Drew League With Game Winner

Foreshadowing of Lakers vs. Thunder?

Just because the NBA is in a lockout doesn’t mean that the Association’s best aren’t out breaking the hearts of the competition.  Recently, we saw Kevin Durant tear up Rucker Park and write his legacy on the streets with 66 points worth of destruction.  Well, you know Kobe isn’t one to be outdone in anything, especially basketball.  He may not have dropped as many buckets as KD, but he did send a loud and clear message to the OKC Thunder, care of James Harden.

Paying a surprise visit to the Drew League in Los Angeles for the final game of the season, he left all the fans in a chaotic state of excitement by treating them to the kind of up-close action that normally costs fans a pretty penny to watch at Staples Center.  With 14 seconds to go and the game tied at 137, with all eyes on the Black Mamba, he took the opportunity to show Harden that last season may very well turn out as an abberration.  The knee, the handles, the jumper and the Nike Zoom Kobe VI are all just fine.  Check the vintage Kobe highlight above!  Oh and by the way, the Mamba dominated the entire game with 43 points.

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