Kobe Bryant Celebrates 33 Years of Basketball in His Veins

Kobe Bryant – The True Legend 2011

There are undoubtedly plenty of people in this world who dedicate their lives to their work.  However, you’ve got to wonder whether or not any of those people have done so to the extent of Kobe Bryant.  With a basketball pedigree fully supplied by his father, Kobe picked up a basketball when he was two years old and has never let go of it since.  It’s one thing for your coaches to call you a “hard worker,” but to have your fellow peers, professional NBA players in their own right, revere your superhuman work ethic is a completely different level of commanding respect. 

For over 30 years, the Black Mamba has devoted countless hours, blood, sweat and yes…tears…to making himself into the baddest baller on the planet.  With a signature line of sneakers that has built a reputation and global appeal that hasn’t been since Michael Jordan, we’ll see what hidden cards Kobe has left as his career gets closer and closer to the inevitable end.

But for today, Kicksologists wishes Kobe a happy 33rd birthday!  Enjoy the videos!

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