Kevin Durant Meets Doc Brown Who Comes Back for the Future

Back for the Future

The NBA lockout has given a lot of the players tons of free time that they’d more than likely, rather be spending with their teammates and coaches as we approach what would normally be the end of the off-season.  Superstars like Kevin Durant have been making the most of these extra minutes not only tearing it up in Pro-Am summer league circuits around the country, but also by joining the promotion of the Nike Air Mag ‘Marty McFly’ exclusive kicks.

Teamed up with comedian Bill Hader and the legendary Christopher Lloyd, who reprises his role as Dr. Emmett Brown, Kevin plays the role of a customer seeking a fresh pair of sneakers at a location strikingly similar to the original Twin Pines Mall from Back to the Future.  For all the ballers out there who want supreme ankle protection on the court, you’ve gotta admit, if the Nike Mag was laced down tight on your feet, those super high-tops would definitely keep your most treasured joint safe.

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