Cam Newton Makes Under Armour Look Oh So Good

Cam Newton Panthers
Cam Dives into the End Zone for His 1st NFL Touchdown.

If you had a chance to watch the Panthers vs. Cardinals game in its entirety or even the highlights, you may have noticed something that appeared quite peculiar for an NFL rookie starting quarterback, but also incredibly familiar for Cam – the comfort level.  The final drive of the game that could have potentially tied the score should give everyone a strong sense of why the Panthers took Newton with the top pick in the NFL Draft.  He’s got “IT,” that ever so rare intangible trait that you hear coaches speak of all the time.

It’s one thing to be comfortable in pressure situations, but to do it as a fresh rookie who didn’t even have the luxury of OTA’s and a full complement of off-season programs is next level type stuff.  During that last drive, Cam didn’t tip toe through his progressions, but rather, gunned the ball down the field with undisturbed confidence and a total lack of fear.  I think that’s what so many athletes don’t understand.  In order for greatness to be fulfilled, they have to be willing to fail and fail hard at that – but do so while giving it everything they’ve got.

Granted, he wasn’t able to finish off the last-minute drive with a potential game-tying touchdown, but overall, Cam looked like a quarterback who had “been there before,” as they say.  Well, that’s because he has.

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