LeBron James Tackles Flag Football With NYC Strangers


Ever since LeBron James fully grew into his beastly physical frame, analysts and sports fans alike have all been asking the same question: “What would LeBron be capable of in the NFL?”

While it didn’t quite have the unreal physical rigors of the NFL, Bron partook in a pick-up game of flag football the other night in New York City’s Central Park.  Just imagine you’re playing with your friends and LeBron walks up to you and asks to play.  Uhhh, hell yeah you can play!  Here’s what a member of the NYC Social Sports Club said about how it all went down:

“He just randomly walked into the field and went up to one of the teams that was standing on the sidelines and said, ‘Hey are you guys done?’ Everyone was like ‘No no no! Come play!’ He played on the Military team (Untouchables). He quarter backed, played defence, and wide receiver. He caught two interceptions, which were pretty impressive, and then he took a picture with us! When he scored a touchdown he did the Cat Daddy dance which I then did too and we had a little dance off. He was there for 10-15 minutes with a guy who was either body guard, or a friend, or both! Then he left!”

While I’m sure the excitement of the account can’t be completely conveyed through written words, if you don’t get absolutely amped up for something like that, regardless of if you love or hate LeBron, you probably have no business hating on the guy anyways because the fact of the matter is, he’s an incredibly rare breed of athlete.

Keep in mind, football is nothing new to the King.

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lebron james flag football
LeBron and the NYC Social Sports Club.
lebron james football
Even Then, He Was Fighting Through Double Teams.
lebron james football
What if?

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