Kevin Durant Doc 35th Hour is as Good as it Gets

kevin durant
The Next Face of the NBA is KD35.

Sure, we’ve all seen plenty of special NBA player documentaries on TV throughout the years, but we’ve never seen a superstar of Kevin Durant’s stature take it upon himself to give basketball fans everything they could reasonably ask for…TRUE ACCESS.  Don’t get it twisted either, if you know anything about the young leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder, you know he’s not about spotlight attention or fulfilling some narcissistic need.  Since he became a pro, he’s been one of the most humble and accessible players in the league with an amazingly active Twitter account (@KDTrey5).

To offer fans a much better idea about his life, KD is giving us all a considerable glimpse through his web video series “Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour” (Episode 1-2 below).  In the first two episodes entitled, “Capital Punishment” and “Hard Work Beats Talent,” respectively, Kevin mixes things up by showing how he likes to relax and chill with his friends as well as how he gets down in the gym with his training regimen.  Episode 2 is especially fun to watch because you literally get to see how the grunt work he puts in pays off in a top-level game environment.  Don’t forget, he did recently drop 59 points on LeBron James.  Yes, 59…on…the King.  The scary thing is, KD is barely going to crack 23 years of age in about a week and he’s already this good.  Look for him to take MVP this season, for real.

Check out “Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour” right below!

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35th Hour Ep.1
35th Hour Ep. 2

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