Blake Griffin and Lil Blake Video Shows Off Acting Skills

Lil’ Blake from Blake Griffin

Last month, we heard that Blake Griffin, the rising superstar forward from the L.A. Clippers and frontman for the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011, was going to be engaging an internship at Funny or Die.  Well, we take a look at one of the projects that he worked on while there.

In this particular clip, Big Blake is shooting a commercial and then all of a sudden, Jerry O’Connell brings out his miniature puppet counterpart, Lil’ Blake.  This is clearly a spoof off of the classic Lil’ Penny commercials we saw all those years ago with Nike.  The big difference here is, Lil’ Blake doesn’t talk much and isn’t as…funny.  In fact, all he does is have a very creepy whimpering giggle that accompanies his…uh…less than pleasant intentions.

Like I said before, Blake is a pretty damn funny dude and definitely gives LeBron a run for his money when it comes to NBA players that know how to act and pull off roles on camera, albeit for skits and commercials.  Blake’s reaction to Lil’ Blake is priceless!  Check out some highlights from Blake’s internship below too!

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Blake Griffin Surveillance Camera Highlights from Blake Griffin
Can You Imagine Interning With Blake?

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