Adidas Metro Attitude Logo – Clear Green & Ultra Purple

Forget the heels, Ladies, you got high tops to buy.  The newly released adidas Metro Attitude Logo comes in two variations featuring a smooth leather upper with textured paneling, and a molded heel, all emphasizing a ginormous adidas Trefoil on the tongue.

The first colorway, Clear Green/Black-White, really emphasizes the “clear” portion of that name, because it features no green to speak of (I had several people confirm I am not colorblind before writing this article).  If anything there is a slightly pearlescent orange coating on the textured panels, but the rest is solid blacks and whites.  The other, Ultra Purple/White-Eggplant, is more aptly named.

Both are available now at select retailers for $75.00 USD.

Care of NiceKicks.

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