Nike Free Gym+

We don’t usually cover women’s shoes.  It isn’t that we’re gender haters, male basketball shoe enthusiasts are simply our target demo.  That said, we try and cover interesting movements in shoe design, and the Nike Free Gym+ certainly fits into that category.

Nike Free technology is meant to simulate bare foot-to-ground contact.  Except for that whole “it hurts when you step on a rock” part anyway.  The Free Gym+ is no exception to that mission, specifically designed for mind-body classes such as yoga and pilates in which participants are usually barefoot.  The shoe is designed to give you solid traction while posing while maintaining a traditional sans-shoe feel.  It also has the added benefit of putting a barrier between your foot and a floor that wasn’t properly sanitized after a hot-yoga session (barf).

Weighing in at 5 oz it is the lightest women’s training shoe Nike has ever produced.  If it does well I predict a men’s version with Volt highlights by the end of 2012.  Get yours now for $110.00 USD at Nikestore.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any future updates and release info @kicksologists or on Facebook.

Care of Nike.

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