adidas adiZero Rose 3 – First Look

Being the MVP of the league just couldn’t get any sweeter. Derrick Rose recently signed a five year extension with the Chicago Bulls and also rumored to have a 10-year, $250 million contract with Adidas. That is a huge amount of money as far as this shoe industry goes. Reason why is that Derrick Rose is the only competition for Kobe Bryant in China. He currently outsells LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the basketball department leaving adidas with a smart yet costly move.

With that said, adidas is already working on the third installment of the adiZero Rose line with this first teaser of the shoe. Don’t get confused as the adiZero Rose 3.0 sits in the middle with the number 1 stitched on the upper heel. To the left of it is the upcoming adidas adiZero 773 and on the right is the current adidas adiZero 2.5. The Rose 3.0 seems to have a redesigned heel counter with the familiar three stripes branding reaching out to the outsole. It also features a higher cut than the previous models which is no surprise as Derrick Rose prefers mid/high tops shoes. Be prepared for more SprintFrame and SprintWeb adidas technology with hopes of a new outsole as well. Check out all three models from the growing adiZero Rose line below

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