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Editorial Rage: Nike designer blames shoes for Derrick Rose’s season ending injury

In a major hit to the Bull’s long-term playoff viability, reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose suffered a season ending ACL tear during Chicago’s 103-91 victory over Philadelphia.  A tidal wave of loss and disappointment soon followed, hitting social media outlets over the weekend.  Rose, universally acclaimed on the court, served the postseason by keeping it competitive and exciting.  Alas, no longer.

Rose wore the adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 “Playoff Edition” at the time of the injury.

One man’s reaction garnered more attention than most, and he notably holds a high position in the sneaker-world.  Jason Petrie, a Senior Footwear Designer with Nike, works on LeBron James’ signature sneaker line.  He seized Rose’s devastating injury as an opportunity to spew some hot air:

For those of you wondering, GWS stands for “get well soon”.  Because compacting a nugget of goodwill into a hash-tag is a great idea.  It totally mitigates the impending PR disaster for your employer, the biggest athletic apparel company in the world.

Petrie’s Twitter photo features LeBron’s latest sneaker, the Nike LeBron 9 Elite “South Beach”, notable as the most expensive shoe Nike currently manufactures that is in wide release.  Rose’s grandmother nicknamed him “Pooh” as a child.

Hmm.. How many problems can I have with one tweet?  Let’s find out.

  1. Derrick Rose’s signature line of sneakers from adidas stands as one of the most widely lauded performance basketball shoes in recent memory.  The LeBron 9, Petrie’s latest work, doesn’t share that distinction
  2. Insinuating that a shoe, nay, a brand of shoe, would have stopped a ligament injury that is around one and a half feet from the site of the tear, reaches at best.
  3. Rose’s record deal with adidas is potentially worth over $200 million including incentives.  Contrast that with LeBron’s initial $93 million contract with Nike.  The difference between those two figures is the opening weekend gross of a Transformers movie.  You decide on the better deal.
  4. LeBron himself commented on this season’s high rate of major injuries, and attributes it to a shortened season. (Newsday).
  5. Petrie’s Twitter handle is stupid.  So… there.

Petrie Tweeted a half-hearted apology Sunday morning:


Petrie issued several other statements since to the effect of “Y’all … take $@#! too serious!”, and “Sensitive thugs y’all need hugs”.

Let me take this opportunity to address Mr. Petrie personally:

Your conscience is a sewer, your grammar is deplorable, and you have the sportsmanship of a late term abortion.

Best case scenario, after your impending termination from Nike, your affinity for knee injuries lands you a job sewing Tanya Harding signature ice skates.  And those don’t sell.  Enjoy the bread line.

Feel better, Derrick, we’ll be waiting for next season.

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