A Look Back At The Nike Air Bakin From 1997

nike air bakin'The Nike Air Bakin was a classic Nike shoe that dropped in 1997. I remember first seeing it and being amazed at the weird color way but at the same time being attracted to the unique blend of color.

They will forever be known as the Mitch Richmond’s but Tim Hardaway also wore these often and the matched the late 90’s Miami Heat Jersey color way. A black and red based shoe with yellow laces wasn’t the norm in the 90s.

But the shoe did cause some controversy, the AIR on the back of the shoe was supposed to look like a grill version of the word but it resembled the Allah symbol and people didn’t quite like that. Once Nike got the recall they put the Nike Air with the added swoosh on the back and all was well.

Even though they have only been retroed once since the initial release they are still a classic shoe. At the end of the day the Nike Air Bakin’s were just as underrated as Mitch Richmond was so the match is well deserved.

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