Getting You Ready For The He Got Game 13s


With the “He Got Game” 13’s dropping on Saturday we have to touch on this release for a quick moment. The last time they were released was in January of 2008 in the first countdown pack that Jordan Brand released. For those that aren’t aware this release will cost $170 and it is said to be somewhat limited even though it’s a general release.

The reason why they go the name “He Got Game” is after the movie starring Denzel Washington and Ray Allen which was directed by Spike Lee. Jake Shuttlesworth played by Washington walks into a footlocker in Coney Island fresh out of jail and wearing an ankle bracelet requesting the brand new air Jordan’s. When the clerk comes out with the brand new Jordan’s, Jake is taking off his prison shoes to try on the new Jordan’s he tells the clerk that he has that “arthritis thing happening” and the footlocker clerk says to Jake that “his uncle has that same arthritic condition”.

That 30 second scene was classic in so many ways because it showed you the popularity of the shoe and also that people will spend their last dime to get a pair. The movie was made in 1997 and came out in 98 and everything in that 30 second clip is still relevant 15 years later.

The colorway of the “He Got Game” 13 isn’t the most popular or even the most demanded but the backstory for the shoe is what makes it popular and the shoe a most buy for sneakerheads that don’t have it.

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