Lakers Edition: Kicks Of The Week

This is the first weekly edition of kicks of the week for the Los
Angeles Lakers. Every week we will countdown the top 3-5 kicks on the court for the Lakeshow.

#4 Antwan Jamison.

This week Antwan was rockin the Adidas Top Ten in the Purple Colorway to coordinate with the Lakers road uni’s.twan These are also known as one of the signature shoes that Kobe had when he was signed with Adidas.








#3 Earl Clark

Earlier this season we saw Earl rockin Adidas similar to Antwan Jamison but as the season has progressed he has been wearing the Kobe System 8s every game now. ec









#2 Kobe Bryant

As always Kobe is bringing the heat to the court. This week has been no different. kobe system 8 Kobe has been alternating between the year of the snake releases and some of the Kobe System 8 player exclusives lately.








#1 Jodie Meeks

This weeks winner for kicks on the court for the Lakers goes to Jodie Meeks. Even though the shoes arent the exact colorway of the Lakers uniforms they are the hottest of the week for the Lakers. Jodie wore the “Phoenix Suns” Nike Air Foamposites and they actually looked good with the Lakers road jerseys even with the orange accent.jodie










Any thoughts?

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