The Jordan Bred 11 Restock

bred11On Saturday March 23rd the Jordan Bred 11 will hit stores again just like it did a few days before Christmas. The restock will give consumers a chance to purchase the classic shoe one more time for the retail price of $185. All the major retailers will have these from what the reports are saying.

The restock is a good way for Nike/Jordan Brand to control the resellers. If people know a shoe is coming out again in two months they are less likely to pay outrageous prices on the first drop date. It also creates another opportunity for people to get a shoe that they missed out on.

On another note the restocks hurt the collectors because their original kicks arent valued as high anymore. Also the restocks make it seem like everyone is rocking the same kicks because of the second major release. Some shoes lose their exclusivity when theres a restock and i am afraid the Bred11 has done that.

All in all I hope everyone who missed out in December is able to cop on Saturday. Check your local retailer for details on raffles and RSVP’s. Dont forget all online release times are at 5am pst Saturday morning.

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