The White on White Foamposites Are Here

On Friday March 29th the highly anticipated white foamposites release at stores everywhere for $220. This colorway has been rumored for quite sometime.

Although this wouldn’t have happened unless Penny Hardaway himself didnt go to Nike and recommend this colorway. Penny has been more involved in some of the decisions that have been made for the foamposites recently and we as fans have definitely benefited from that.

The white on white colorway is a very nice and classic look but I say this with caution, wear to selective locations and be very careful. White in general is tough to clean and keep looking nice. Also be very careful with the mesh part because once that part is dirty its gone forever.

There has also been some slight concerns about the mesh turning yellow after a while because all the mesh eventually does on other shoes. That is definitely something to keep in mind if you are on the fence about purchasing or not.

All in all the foamposite release on Friday is one of the best ones of the year. I hope everyone remains safe and is able to get their pair. No pair of shoes is worth going crazy for!

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