A Look Back At A Jordan Brand Classic Commercial


When MJ retired for the second time in 1998 we all thought that it was for good and that was it. This commercial also has Mary J Blige singing Stevie Wonders “Overjoyed” in the background.

He also put some talented guys on the roster to keep the brand going strong. The Air Jordan 15 was one of the only shoes MJ never played in and it was the start of a new era for Jordan Brand. The shoes didnt sell that well and the design wasnt the popular as others.

With athletes like Derek Jeter, Randy Moss, Ray Allen, Eddie Jones and Roy Jones Jr to carry the brand MJ hand selected who he wanted to represent him after he retired. As shown in this clip above these guys were dominate in their respective sports at the time. The Jordan 15 wasnt the most popular Jordan or even most recognized but it signaled in a new era for the brand.

Some of the players to wear the Jordan 15 in the NBA were Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Eddie Jones, Derrick Anderson, Mike Bibby and Micheal Finley.


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