A Look Back At A Classic David Robinson Commercial


In the Early 90s David Robinson was one of the premier Centers in the NBA. He was the face of the San Antonio Spurs Franchise until Tim Duncan came. Also before his back injury Robinson was very dominant on the post  and was a perennial all-star.

Robinson also had a very good image and he attended the Navy for his college years. Nike did a commercial series with the Mr Rodgers Neighborhood but called it Mister Robinson’s neighborhood. His commercials  were funny and easily liked but a variety of people.

Nike also gave Robinson his own kicks which were called the Nike Air Force 180 and later the Nike Command 180 with the pump on the side. They were going for $175 back in the early 90’s which was absurd then but people still bought them. Even though they arent the most sytlish shoes or even the most popular shoes Nike is scheduled to release them sometime this year.

Hopefully that price tag dips a little but because $175 is A LOT!

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