The 10 Reseller Commandments

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Last week I wrote an article on my opinions on how resellers have messed up the game to an extent. I am not the one to knock anyone’s hustle but I think there needs to be some rules that resellers should follow.

1. Do your research.
Don’t try and sell a shoe for $50 over retail when the stores still have a full size run.

2. Make sure its worth it.
There is no point in buying a shoe and selling it for $20 over retail. You are wasting your time and gas money in the process.

3. Dont over-extend yourself
There is absolutely no need to buy 6 pairs of a general release shoe just to try to flip them. Especially if you are using rent and bill money to do so, the profit isn’t worth it so chill on the excess inventory.

4. Know your market.
Find out the demand of the shoe before you buy a pair to sell. There is nothing worse than having to take a shoe back to the store and getting store credit.

5. Buy your size
If push comes to shove and you cant sell the kicks at least you can keep them if you don’t sell them.

6. Be aware
Realize that there’s many people trying to sell the same shoe you are. Don’t price yourself out the market and be left stuck with multiple pairs because you were stubborn.

7. Restock
Make sure you sell your kicks before the restock hits.

8. 24 hours
To get the best price for your kicks you need to get rid of your kicks in the first 24 hours. Ideally you wanna flip them asap but within the same day as release is cool because people who didn’t get them are still scrambling. For example: the Bred 11s that dropped in December I sold for $350 because it was Christmas time and people were desperate when they couldn’t get them from the stores. Bought them at 10am and by noon I had cashed out.

9. Be Cautious
When meeting up with someone go to a public place. Don’t meet at someones house. If you have to carry a weapon do so. Its better to be safe than sorry. We hear way too many stories about people getting jumped for kicks. In the words of the great Floyd Mayweather “protect yourself at all times”

10. Ebay
If all else fails put your kicks on eBay and hope for the best. Usually you can get good money for brand new kicks. Just remember the fees that eBay charges when you complete a transaction.

Also don’t sell fakes because if you do and someone beats you up you deserve that beating.

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