Kobe Jumps Over An Ashton Martin Wearing Kobe 4 Hyperdunks


I remember this like it was yesterday. The commercial that went viral and had people going nuts. Nike did it again with their great ad team and of course Kobe being Kobe made the commercial. Also former Laker Ronny Turiaf was in the commercial as well.

The commercial showed Kobe in the Nike Kobe 4 Hyperdunk black colorway as he cleared the sports car. These are some of the last shoes that Kobe wore that were high tops. Every shoe after these have been primarily a low cut shoe because thats what he prefers.

This commercial was so popular even people like Kenny Smith from TNT made a parody of it which was hilarious.


All in all the commercial was very cool and memorable for all Kobe fans and people who like Nike.

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