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Welcoming Jon “Bones” Jones To The Shoe Game

It was just a matter of time but Nike made it happen. Jon Jones who is one of the best MMA fighters in the land has an endorsement deal with Nike. He is the first MMA fighter to have such deal and he also has his own cross-trainer that drops tomorrow.

This is a groundbreaking venture the two parties have and I am unsure if we will ever see this again. The cool thing is that Jones is an actual sneaker guy and knows his stuff.

I had the pleasure of meeting him last year and we talked about different kicks so it was a good experience. His debut kicks aren’t half bad I actually would consider buying them.

Hopefully Jones and Nike can continue a solid relationship in the future so they can bless up with more kicks. Nike is using this for a test run, if Jones sells well we can expect them to create a MMA division soon based on popularity of the sport.

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