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The Bred Is Stale

The Bred 11s have restocked at least three times since they dropped in late December. The Jordan 11s is the most popular shoe probably in the history of Nike.

Even as a sneaker enthusiast I personally have multiple pair of the Bred colorway but this is getting out of hand. On Saturday several Nike outlets across the country will be selling B grade Bred 11s for $149.99.

Part of the mystique and greatness of the Air Jordans in the past was that they were somewhat limited and that people who either played ball or watched hoops rocked the schools. Now that is no longer the case, being a sneakerhead is the “cool” thing to do and nothing makes you cooler than rockin a pair of bred 11s.

Unfortunately Nike has made so many pairs of this particular shoe that it seems like everyone has a pair by now. The mystique is starting to fade now because everyone has a pair and theres no more exclusivity to the shoe anymore. There have been so many restocks and re-releases of the bred 11s it just doesnt feel like a cool shoe anymore.

Nike has made the Breds just like any other  shoe and thats unfortunate because theres so much history there but hey money talks. At the end of the day Nike and Jordan Brand are going to continue to do what they do and thats make money.

As a sneaker enthusiast I am kinda saddened by how everyone is wearing the same thing now. Part of being into the sneaker culture is being unique and rocking what you want and not what everyone else thinks is popular.

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