Remembering Chris Webber Day’s With Nike


For those that dont remember Chris Webber was signed with Nike right out of College. He was supposed to be the guy to carry their shoes for the forwards with Charles Barkley.

Since Webber wore Nike in college at the University of Michigan it seemed like a natural fit. A lot of people remember the Dada shoes he wore as a King and the random kicks after but he was once apart of Nike’s future.
Webber as also given his own set of commercials in a barbershop setting from his rookie year and they even had his Warriors teammates in them like Chris Mullin and Latrell Sprewell.

The most infamous commercial (this one right here) was the where he dunks on Charles Barkley in a playoff game and him and Sprewell renact it in the barbershop. At the time Webber was looked at as one of the bright stars and also one of the most marketable young players in the league.

All the commercials showcase Webber  in the Nike Air Strong. Even though that plan didnt go the way it should the commercials are classic.

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