Who Should Be Up Next For Nike Basketball

As we all know it takes a whole lot to have your own signature line for Nike especially as a basketball player. Right now there are three guys Lebron, Kevin Durant and Kobe who have their own signature line with the company and thats about right. You cant just hand anyone their own shoe they should have to earn it.

Now even though Jordan Brand is a division of Nike I dont count their players as Nike guys. So no Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook or Blake Griffin.

For the players that are repped by Nike the three young guys that have stood out as most deserving of their own shoe have been Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Steph Curry. All three are under Nike contracts and all three have shown tremendous abilities on the court but as of now I think only one should have their own signature line and that is Steph Curry.

One of the major reasons why I choose Steph is that he plays in a larger market at the moment than the other two guys brought up. Also he plays for a team with a great fanbase that would purchase the shoes and apparel that he endorses. We also have to remember he is about to be on new commercials after this playoff series so there is so much marketing potential there.

Curry’s game is also fun to watch and people gravitate towards players who can fill it up at high levels like he can. As long as he can stay healthy I think its a no brainer that Steph Curry should be next in line to get his own sneaker.

PS: I think James Harden is getting a shoe soon that’s why hes not in this article. Ive already seen Nike endorse shirts with his beard and what not so hes not on this list. Personally I think Kyrie is next up but we will see what takes place but until then I cant wait.

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