Lil’ Penny At Its Finest


Back in the 90’s Nike would give a lot of their up and coming stars a signature shoe line and commercial spots to market them to the world. Outside of Michael Jordan one can argue that Penny Hardaway had the best combo during that time period.

Penny had the cool kicks but his commercials were even better. What made his commercials even better was that he had a miniature version of him with a Chris Rock voice over which was hilarious.

Also Tyra Banks and other stars who were repped by Nike at the time appeared in the commercials regularly. Even though Penny wasn’t able to have the playing career we all thought he would have due to injuries his commercials as well as his shoes leave a huge legacy.

In this commercial it showcases Penny, Lil’ Penny and Tyra Banks  and also the Nike Air Max Penny 1 makes a brief appearance as well.

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