Why We Dont Like Customs

Within the last couple years the custom game has been rampant in the shoe culture. I don’t mind if someone gets a custom shoe for themselves or others but its getting outta hand. The NikeiD program has changed the game forever and that will never change but nowadays we have guys customizing classic kicks and now the game is all messed up.

Here are 10 reasons why we don’t like customs.

1. Most Customs look fake
Most of the customs look bad and are usually looked at as being fake. With fakes being rampant these days make it worse for the people who rock customs.

2. Quality

The quality of the customs have looked very shaky recently. If you pay $100 or more dollars you should be able to wear those in all climates. Ive sen too many kicks that get ruined during the rain and its unfortunate.

3. Classics
I’m an old head. That means I like back in the day when there was only three to five colorways of kicks that dropped. The customs take away from the value of the overall the brand. MJ didn’t have 20+ colorways why should you?

4. Cheap

A lot of people trust guys who do customs that have no idea what their doing. Unfortunately the custom game is very profitable right now and everyone is taking advantage of that. That includes high school kids who are trying to get into the restoration game as a hobby/business. That doesnt ensure the quality.

5. Too far

Some people have some great ideas for customization but they ruin a classic and its unfortunate. When a pair of Bred 11s cost $200 and you pay $100 to put spikes on them it just ruins the shoe. Even though that may be your preference sometimes its just too far. Still have to keep the integrity of the shoe.

6. Don’t be that guy or girl

Right now a lot if people are trying to be different but at the same time don’t try to be Andre 3000 form Outkast. A customization should be something that’s personal to you but not something that’s gonna grab so much attention it may cause trouble.

7. Think Twice

At the end of the day if you wanna customize a shoe go right ahead. Just do it for the right reasons. Its expensive and in most cases you are destroying a classic. Also remember even though you have a 1 of 1 you’re gonna bring unwanted attention to yourself. You cant get mad is someone calls your kicks fake because in a sense they are. So be-careful and you’ve been warned.

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