The Year of The Chuckposite

As always Nike has been creative when it comes to bringing out a new product. This year they have successfully introduced the Chuckposite.

During the all-star weekend in Houston the first edition of the shoes dropped and they were very limited. The Area 72 colorway were very unique and had the sneaker community buzzing.

They featured some unique features like the bottom of the kicks glowing in the dark and also a portion of the shoe changes colors in the dark too. Combining some of the older Barkley models with some posite characteristics, Nike has made a classic in the matter of a few months.

Even with the other colorways the shoe has looked great especially in the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers colorways. With more colorways to drop this year the Chuckposite should definitely win rookie of the year.

It is great that Nike can drop a shoe for Chuck even though he hasnt played in a decade plus. Chuck is so great on TNT that Nike could put his name behind a shoe and it will still sell well even though the price is high. Hopefully we will get to see a Chuckposite 2 but in the meantime we will enjoy these

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