All Red Everything Yeezys

With a rumored date for June 18th the Red Yeezys have created quite a stir in the last couple of weeks. For those that dont know, Yeezys are kicks endorsed by Kanye West and made by Nike.

Also it must be noted that Kayne has an album titled “Yeezus” coming out soon as well. The rumors are for both the kicks and album to drop on the same day which would create all types of havoc in the streets. Last year around the same time Nike dropped the two colorways of the Yeezy 2 and damn near crashed the hard drives for Nike.

These kicks are limited and most people buy them because they are worth over $1500 on the open market. These are one of the few kicks that are worth the hassle if youre a reseller.

As always keep your eyes and eyes open for these. Theyll probably be a release as well as small boutique spots across the country. Another hyped release for Nike and Kayne West.

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