Introducing LA’s Newest Sneaker Shop: brandedLA

It was an honor and privilege to interview Kenneth from brandedLA. For those who dont know brandedLA is a new sneaker shop thats going to be opening up in LA very soon. We wanted to put everyone on before the grand opening so you can add another option to your shopping selection. Checkout their Twitter account here for more information and also to follow them for great giveaways and much much more.  To get to know the good people at brandedLA a bit more please checkout the interview below.

Kicksologists: Where are you located?

brandedLA: In the beautiful city of Los Angeles.

Kicks: Why the name?

BLA: To be branded means to make a mark to attest quality or to designate
ownership and that’s what we are all about. Our hope and vision is
that the sneaker community embraces us and are proud to rock our gear.

Kicks: What kinda shop is it?

BLA: Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. If you like shoes, you’ll love what we
are about. Kicks and anything that has to do with kicks. We also
have a clothing line launching which we are very excited about. I’m
sure everyone will love not only the designs our team put together,
but the quality of our clothing. Second to none.

Kicks: Thoughts on the competition like RIFLA and Flightclub etc?

BLA:We’re a huge fan of RIF and Flightclub and don’t consider them
competition. They have an insane collection of kicks and I’ve bought
kicks from them. Nothing but love for all sneaker lovers.

Kicks: What is going to make you different from those places?

BLA: Price? LOL!

Kicks: What can a customer expect from brandedLA?

BLA: If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find it. Everyone here atphoto
BrandedLA has a passion for sneakers, this is more than just a job for
us..we love what we do, and I’m sure that will be very apparent.

Kicks: Any grand opening plans?

BLA: We have a nice lineup of kicks we will be releasing and the launch of
our clothing line is going to be fun. I hope we don’t go broke with
all the stuff we are planning on giving away.

Kicks: What is all-time favorite shoe?

BLA: Air Jordan 4 White Cement. So clean and you can rock them wearing just air-jordan-4-iv-white-cement-retro
about anything.

Kicks: When did you get into the shoe game?

BLA: Late 80’s. Didnt grow up wealthy, so Jordans were rare as a kid. Vans
was the game in elementary. I didn’t really get into collecting
sneakers seriously until junior high. Saved the money my mom gave me
for lunch and bought Jordans instead of food. Hey, I’m 6’3″ 200lbs
sz12 so I guess I wasn’t malnourished.

Kicks: What is you opinion of the sneaker culture here in LA?

BLA: The cool thing about the sneaker culture is that it erases cultural
lines. Walk around LA and you’ll see whites, blacks, hispanics,
asians, men, women, children, and sometimes even dogs rocking absolute
heat! It’s insane, sneakers have no cultural boundaries and nowhere
more apparent than here is LA.

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